Mother Moon

I do believe that we meet people at the very times when we need them the most. This is how I felt when the women with whom I run the local Red Tent came together. I felt like the four of us had been drawn towards one another, a perfect mixture of water, earth, fire and air to balance one another out and begin our Red Tent journey.


We’ve had an incredible experience together over the last few months. We have held many groups, some larger, some smaller, some funny and loud and raucous, others still, serious and quieter.

There is no doubt that being surrounded by people who are dedicated to listening, supporting you and holding you up, can only be a good thing. But I didn’t quite count on the transformative effect of having this sisterhood on a daily basis.¬†Of the enormous power of gathering together to share a sacred space and open your hearts.

Red Tent Mother Moons offer this space to women about to birth. Who have much to think about, much to unpick, to let go of, so we can come to birth feeling ready. We invite you to come in, get comfy, wrap yourself in a blanket and join us as we explore our deepest feelings.


Aside from our Red Tent group, both Kirsty and I have held many Mother Blessings and attended even more. I love these, and was so grateful and overwhelmed to have experienced one with my third child. \The energy that filled my home by the women who came to honour me was incredibly special and made a huge impact on my readiness for birth.

However Mother Blessings are not always available to every women, and to those who have them, they are almost always thrown by a close friend who knows the Mother and who wishes to give her this extraordinary day where those closest to her create a sacred space around her.


We have the lovely Renni Prelle (Complimentary Therapist) and Michaela Scott (doula and herbalist) who offer the Honouring Motherhood experience and who work with you to create this should that be what you’re looking for. You can have a look at their packages here

We recognized a need for a longer period of time, a whole day, where Mamas to be can not only be supported and pampered and made to feel like a Goddess, but can also talk about their fears, their hopes, examine what they might be carrying with them which needs to be released and talk to, connect with fellow sisters. We both felt sure that the Red Tent space, with its warm, womb-like atmosphere and its incredibly comforting ambiance, was the right space for this.


Our Mother Moons are about nurturing the mother within us all, about connecting with other women who are on a similar journey as us and about readying ourselves at our core, in our hearts and minds, for birth. The older traditions of women – women’s song, mythology and shared wisdom is what we need more of at this important time in a woman’s life.

We are so excited about this and have been grateful for all the lovely support we’ve had so far from friends, Mamas and other doulas.